Applestump Records Is Our New Stockist!

Applestump Records

We are excited to announce that Applestump Records is our new stockist!

“Applestump Records was born out of a lifelong love for music. The name of the shop is a nod to the record store where the owner of the business (and my husband), Steve, first indulged his passion back in the ’90s, spending hours browsing racks and racks of records and CDs in a small town in South Wales.

We love record shopping and, when we couldn’t go during the pandemic, we thought it was the ideal opportunity to bring the record shop to us. We started the business in February 2021 with a few boxes of stock, selling through our website and offering local delivery and pick up from our house.

Since then, the business has grown and in June 2021, we opened our shop in a lovely old Tudor building in Nantwich, Cheshire. ​ We don’t just want Applestump Records to be a shop where our customers just buy records, we want it to be the place they come to talk about all of the new artists they’ve discovered, where they find that new favourite album they didn’t know they needed and, above all, be a massive part of the Nantwich community that we love.” – Dani

If you’re in the area, definitely go check out their store, or visit their website to browse their awesome products!

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