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12″ LP Sleeves For Vinyl Records


  • UV resistant 12” sleeves to protect your vinyl art
  • 80 micron 320 gauge polypropylene
  • Crystal clear wrinkle-free and durable 
  • Reinforced seams 
  • Fits most gatefold and Double LPs
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While the inner sleeve is the most important protection for the actual vinyl record, this won’t protect your album cover from damage. Without protection, your album art is likely to get scratches and scuff marks or even tears on the spine. The colours can also fade if exposed to sunlight and heat.

Our protective sleeves are made from polypropylene which is a great all-around choice for economical protection. The material is crystal clear so it won’t obscure your album covers while on display. In addition, our sleeves are UV resistant which protects from sun damage and fading and keeps vinyl records in top condition no matter their age. 

High Density polypropylene (HDPP)  is a thermoplastic polymer built from propylene monomers. The important properties of HDPP in giving protection are:

  • Heat & UV resistance
  • Resistance to chemicals
  • High transparency
  • Stretchability 
  • Recyclability

Crystal clear and wrinkle-free LP Sleeves

Our vinyl sleeves measure 32.5cm by 32.5cm and have a low density of 0.905 gcm3, making them the perfect size for 12” vinyl records without being excessively large or too tight. They can comfortably fit both single and double gatefold LPs. This means you can slide LPs in and out with ease without the risk of damage, at the same time as retaining aesthetic value. The packs of 50 & 100 premium quality protective LP sleeves will keep your LP records in ‘day one’ condition, making your collection something that will appreciate the longer you keep it.

Reinforced seams for added strength and durability

Whenever you want to listen to your favourite albums, you can rest assured that they have been stored securely and will be in pristine condition for your enjoyment. Then, when storing them or putting them back on display, there is no risk of fading from UV, age factors like dust build-up, or accidental damage, like spillages. Paperboard LP covers are vulnerable to tears, scratches and marks, so in order to keep their value, our vinyl record sleeves are a must.

Ethically sourced and fully recyclable LP sleeves

Like you, we care about the environment. Should the vinyl sleeve come to the end of its life for whatever reason, you can be assured that the material is fully recyclable with usual plastic household recycling. You can rest assured that minimising damage to our planet is a top priority.

3 reviews for 12″ LP Sleeves For Vinyl Records

  1. Robin

    Great robust product which easily and neatly secures your record collections.
    Even hood for the environment too !

  2. Regan

    Really good value for money

  3. Neil, casuals, Anthony

    They fitted straight away and protect the vinyl very pleased

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