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Accessories for Vinyl Lovers.

With our stylish range of retro modern accessories to care, protect and enhance your vinyl experience we are working to bring new life to a classic medium.

Legend Vinyl Storage Products

The ultimate in vinyl storage, store your vinyl with pride using Legend Vinyl storage cases and crates with unique features and a retro flair

Legend Vinyl LP Cleaning Products

Clean, crisp and clear – every time with Legend Vinyl cleaning kits, cloths and professional grade cleaning fluid

Legend Vinyl Protection Products

Protect and prolong the life of your vinyl records with protective products designed for vinyl lovers and collectors

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Fantastic products, the cleaning kits are awesome.

Barnaby Davies – D.J New Zealand

Really impressed with the quality of the cleaning fluid, my vinyl has never looked better. Sleeves are great quality too, bigger than the average sleeve so my albums fit comfortably. The perfect protection to preserve my vinyl collection.

Jeff Lowe – Singer/songwriter

Legend Vinyl have provided us with some excellent products that we are selling in our shop. The after care and service is great. Highly recommended supplier of vinyl accessories

Phil Cassidy, Record Corner, Godalming

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For real music lovers, nothing compares to the audio quality of Vinyl. Authenticity and artistic honesty captured in the analogue medium. If you love vinyl you will love our range of retro modern accessories, credible products that not only deliver on quality but also on style. Legend Vinyl pays tribute to the musical legends who inspired us all.

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About Us

Music touches the soul, transports you back in time, evokes memories and stirs emotions. 

Technology’s great, but sometimes there’s nothing better than the sound of a needle on vinyl and the authentic, raw sound of music being heard the way it was meant to be.  There’s something magical about the physical form of vinyl that helps us engage with the music and enjoy it in a completely different way.

Growing up in the 70’s and 80’s vinyl played an inherent part in our life. Musical legends topped the charts, glamour and intrigue hit the headlines and pop culture was born. As star struck teenagers and diehard music lovers we looked forward to a visit to “the record booth” in our local record shop to listen to the latest single or album release. Friendships formed through our love of music was part of our social interaction as well as our entertainment. But vinyl goes beyond that, it not only unites us in our passion for music but also in our appreciation of creativity and desire for a sensory experience. The collectable album covers, the vinyl art, the ritual of taking the album out of the sleeve, dusting it off, removing the fluff from the stylus, bass on full with the volume turned up to high before carefully placing the needle on the vinyl. A few seconds silence before impact! Real sound, real music, real emotions. 

Vinyl is more than just music, it’s an art form, a connection, it has soul. Your collection needs love and care, just as a collection of art or fine wine might need that same attention. If you want your vinyl to last forever and appreciate with time, then you need the right products to store it but more importantly, the right products to clean it to protect from damage, dust and extremes of temperature.  As vinyl collectors ourselves we wanted the best for our LPs, stylish ways to store it and only the best cleaning products to clean it.

That’s why we created Legend Vinyl, to celebrate the legacy of our vinyl legends and help you care for and experience your vinyl in a different way.  

Meet the Team

Tim Payne
Vinyl connoisseur,
Director & Co-founder

Maxine Johone-Smith
Eternal optimist,
Director & Co-founder


Ian Rice
Die hard music lover,
UK & International sales


Alex Young
Creative wizard,
Graphic design

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