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Turntable Stylus Cleaning Kit


  • Carbon fibre ultra-fine stylus cleaning brush
  • 10ml stylus cleaning fluid 
  • 32 x 32 cm fine microfibre cloth
  • Everything you need to keep your stylus in pristine condition

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Whether you’re playing records all day every day, or just at the weekends, your turntable stylus will naturally pick up dust and grime, however careful you are. With our easy-to-use stylus cleaning kit on hand, you can use the carbon fibre stylus brush before or after each time you use your turntable, and stop the problem before it starts. Everything in this stylus cleaning kit is designed to help you keep your stylus performing to its optimum ability. Taking care of your stylus will help prolong its lifespan, protect your records, and ensure you’re getting the best possible playback.

If you’ve invested in a turntable, chances are you have an impressive vinyl collection to play on it too. Our stylus cleaning kit will help you to protect those investments and keep your music sounding great.

Everything You Need

Our stylus cleaning kit includes:

  • A Legend Vinyl stylus brush with carbon fibre bristles that are ultra-fine, designed to gently but effectively remove built-up dust without damaging your delicate stylus. The carbon fibre also helps to reduce the static that attracts dust in the first place, so it’s a doubly effective clean.
  • Our stylus cleaning fluid, which has been specially created to be gentle enough not to damage your stylus, but still efficiently cleans dust and oil as well as removes static, too. Our 10ml cleaning solution, plus the microfibre brush, helps you apply the correct amount without directly touching the stylus. Even fingers that look clean will attract more dust and grime!
  • The large microfibre cleaning cloth will safely and effectively remove dirt, dust and dreaded fingerprints from the surface of your LPs.

Cleaning for optimum performance

Our stylus cleaning solution is a uniquely balanced formula. With a blend of a quick dry ‘no residue’ degreaser combined with anti-static and anti-bacteria agents to ensure a thorough clean and de grease. A thickening agent has also been included to add viscosity and prevent dripping.

How Often You Clean Your Stylus

Before every play is great – and with our stylus cleaning kit, it’s a really quick and easy job to do. Simply remove any visible surface dust first, then use the cleaning fluid with the stylus brush for a careful, but thorough clean. If a daily clean isn’t possible, aim for at least once a week. If you take care of your stylus, it should last for at least a thousand hours of quality vinyl listening time.

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    Great quality, well packaged and does what is says.

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