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Pack of 3 Extra-large Vinyl Cleaning Microfibre Cloths


  • Pack of 3 extra-large 38 x 38 cm multi-purpose microfibre cloths
  • Lint free and super soft so won’t leave any residue particles or scratch the surface of your LP
  • Use to rest your LP on while cleaning to protect the under surface of your LP
  • Use in conjunction with our Legend vinyl cleaning solution for a precision clean

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Pack of 3 Extra-large lint free microfibre cloths are the perfect choice to clean your vinyl. Use to rest your LP on while cleaning to keep the underside of your LP protected. The super soft microfibre is lint free so is also perfect to clean the delicate surface of your LPs. Won’t scratch or leave residual particles so you can be sure of a gentle but thorough clean.

10 reviews for Pack of 3 Extra-large Vinyl Cleaning Microfibre Cloths

  1. walkermoorex

    Good quality product. Make sure that you wash product a few times prior to use, box does not suggest this, although will leave black residue if this is not done. Overall good product and cleans vinyl records well!

  2. Pebbles

    Soft cloths, good absorbs, quick dry, clean well, good size, seems quality.

  3. M. A. Cook

    These are better than the normal micro fibre cloth – but ensure you wash them prior to cleaning any vinyl with an alcohol based cleaner / spray. There is no mention on the packaging (at least I didn’t see it if there was), but after a first use and subsequent of the vinyl I noticed that the stylus was coated in black substance, which I gently removed using a q-tip cotton bud. After then hand washing the cloths in a mild detergent the water was black! After the wash they appear to be more stable – but don’t use on your precious vinyl without a good pre-wash. Just saying ….

  4. Jay Cloth

    These are the only cloths I’ve used that are fine enough to clean my glasses first time.

  5. Nick W

    these are a must for any vinyl collector.

    we all know the skip that dust can cause whilst listening to our favourite albums (or e.p.’s or singles). you also know that soft and gentle is required so as not to scratch whilst giving them a quick wipe over.

    these extra large cloths are just perfect for the job.

    can’t recommend them enough.

  6. M M Gibbin

    At first I thought these were a touch expensive. Having used them regularly I can safely say these are worth the money. They give a nice sheen to albums that I have wet cleaned without damaging them.

    Would buy them again? Most certainly.

  7. graham

    Lint free excellent and a good size

  8. Andrew

    Nice large cloths, do what they need to do!

  9. N Russell

    You get 3 large vinyl clothes in this set. Vinyl is very prone to getting bits ‘stuck’ to them due to static. These cloths help remove those bits and stop the vinyl from getting static which then reduces how ‘dirty’ they get.
    Well presented and very convenient. These are a must have for any vinyl record owners.

  10. holly baggott

    These cloths are perfect for your vinyls and are a lovely quality, they don’t shed when your using these and really help to clean your vinyls. Good value for money.

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