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Lint Free Vinyl Record Microfibre Cleaning Cloth


  • Extra-large 38 x 38 cm multi-purpose microfibre cloth
  • Lint free and super soft so won’t leave any residue particles or scratch the surface of your LP
  • Use to rest your LP on while cleaning or use together with Legend vinyl cleaning solution for a precision clean

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Extra-large lint free microfibre cloth is the perfect choice to clean your vinyl. To keep the underside of your LP protected use to rest your LP on while cleaning. The super soft microfibre is lint free so is also perfect to clean the delicate surface of your LPs. Won’t scratch or leave residual particles so you can be sure of a gentle but thorough clean.

9 reviews for Lint Free Vinyl Record Microfibre Cleaning Cloth

  1. someguy

    Very good quality cloth, picks up dust better than other cloths! A must-have for any vinyl lover.

  2. SM.LO

    I don’t have vinyls however this works very well to clean my glasses, leaves them immaculate.
    It also works great for my car windscreen, on the inside to help get rid of glare at night from incoming traffic!

  3. Monty Marwood

    I collect vinyl records so I got this cloth to assist in cleaning my records when necessary. I’m glad to say that it dries my records effectively and more importantly it is soft enough not to damage them. It’s also big enough that I can put my records on it while using other cloths to clean the records, so I would definitely recommend to any vinyl enthusiasts out there.

  4. Mr. T

    Decent size cloth Cleans the vinyls really well. Good quality

  5. E.S.P

    This is really good to use to clean your vinyls as it doesn’t leave behind any fluff, fibres or residue which other microfibre cloths tend to use. It is a decent size as well, covers the entire vinyl and makes it easy to hold the record without getting your fingers on them.

  6. Nadia G.

    This cloth is bigger than I expected it to be. I haven’t had it for long but it does the job pretty well. Removes dust from my records nicely!

  7. Lauren

    Highly recommend this product to keep handy for your vinyls, glides over and removes all dust in one go, great product great price, can be washed easily and still performs well, it’s a top buy

  8. Abs

    Great size for my car, i found it very soft to touch, its a nice deep grey colour and did the job well..
    However i think its overpriced at £6.99
    Nice packaging..but that goes in the bin!..
    Maybe at its price they could introduce a nice drawsting bag to keep cloth in!
    Tgere are lots of different types if microfiber clothes on the market.. dont buy cheap! But also no need to spend more than £5 on 1 cloth…

  9. Bohemia

    Very good especially for windows or even cleaning your computer. Very useful, not to be used for just anything.

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