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Complete Care Vinyl Cleaning Kit


  • Everything you need to care for your vinyl & stylus in one place
  • Ultra-fine carbon fibre stylus brush and cleaning fluid
  • Wooden easy grip handle velvet dust brush 
  • 2 extra-large multi-purpose microfibre cloths
  • 200ml advanced cleaning fluid

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If you’re an avid record collector and music lover, then you’ll recognise the importance of keeping your vinyl and stylus clean. What better way to protect and care for your favourite albums than with the Complete Care Cleaning Kit.

This kit serves as a one-stop shop for all your record cleaning needs, with a variety of products and tools to clean and preserve both your treasured vinyl & also to keep your stylus clean and dust free.

Ultimate complete care vinyl cleaning kit for serious enthusiasts

Created with serious collectors and music lovers in mind. This high-quality 6 in 1 complete care vinyl cleaning kit gives you everything you need in one place to clean, protect and preserve your vinyls meaning they last longer and the sound quality stays fresh and enjoyable. No matter whether your collection is full of retro or modern albums, all records need love. A clean stylus will give improved audio quality and a clean record will preserve the life of your LPs.

Care for up to 250 records

Big record collection? No problem. The Complete Care Vinyl Cleaning Kit has you covered with enough fluid provided to clean up to 250 LPs. Our cleaning fluid is a special blend of cleansing, anti-bacterial, degreasing and anti-static agents and has the seal of approval from industry professionals. Collectively, they champion it as the cleaning fluid of choice.

Our Cleaning solution has been specially formulated to clean dust and oils and also remove static which can all impair the sound quality of your vinyl. Our carefully balanced formula is a blend of a quick dry ‘no residue’ degreaser combined with anti-static agents to ensure a thorough clean and degrease.

All your products in one place

It’s such a hassle to have to source all the different tools you need to keep your vinyl and record stylus clean, so why not just get them all in one place? The Complete Care Vinyl Cleaning Kit has everything you need!

  • High-quality velvet anti-static dust brush with easy grip wooden handle
  • Extra large 38 x 38 cm lint-free microfibre cloth
  • Extra fine microfibre cloth for precision cleaning
  • 200ml Legend Vinyl advanced cleaning solution trusted by experts
  • Legend Vinyl stylus cleaning solution
  • Ultra-fine carbon fibre stylus brush
  • Presented in a reusable storage box with a retro vibe

Makes a perfect gift for a family member, friend or loved one who has discovered or returned to vinyl.

22 reviews for Complete Care Vinyl Cleaning Kit

  1. Conor Brassil

    As many people do, I buy a lot of secondhand vinyl online and in shops. I’m always weary of any residue on the vinyls before I play them. Bought this kit to clean everything including the needle, the records come out squeeky clean and has definitely had an effect on the sound quality from some of my older records.

  2. steve S.

    Beautifully packaged and everything you need to care for Vinyl records and styluses. Would recommend.

  3. Jonathan

    Great item, just as described

  4. Max Bradley

    Great product and does an excellent job. I had purchased some very old records that sounded horrendous but after a clean with this product they sound far better, they’re still not perfect but that’s down to them being old and poorly looked after. The stylus cleaning solution and brush is great too. When I received the product the felt brush had separated from its wooden handle, so I contacted the manufacturer directly and they promptly shipped a new felt brush free of charge. Would recommend to anyone who has a turntable and uses it often.

  5. gary

    A nice allround product

  6. Alan M.

    Exactly what I ordered

  7. terry marsh

    Easy to use great product

  8. Obitorio

    Tutto bene

  9. Sonia

    Kit completo sono soddisfatta.

  10. Pier Francesco

    Prodotto veramente ottimo. Consente una buona pulizia e la confezione è davvero bella.

  11. MARCO M.

    Ottimo prodotto

  12. Jérôme

    Kit de nettoyage de qualité. La brosse est impeccable. Et produit nettoyant décolle bien toutes les saletés . Les tissus micro fibre sont assez grand pour des 33t. Globalement satisfait.

  13. Ayrshire Davie

    This vinyl care kit is comprehensive and neatly contained in a sturdy box. It has all that is needed to care for vinyl records. I used it within hours of receiving it and my LPs sound much better after a thorough clean. This was most noticeable when I cleaned a record I had just played before receiving the kit. Then I played it again after cleaning it. The difference was astonishing. All my LPs now play as new. Highly recommended.

  14. Ross

    Bought as a gift for someone who is very specific and precise with cleaning his records, he really liked all the items and used them all

  15. Dade Bruin

    Seems to do the job required. Pleased with purchase.


    It is a little fiddly but the cleaning solution and the cloths are very good. The record brush acts well but you do have to position it accurately otherwise it skips to the centre.

  17. David

    Well worth the money for any record collector . Great package with all you will need for protecting and cleaning your vinyl . It’s that simple .Buy it

  18. John A.

    Great cleaning kit good product, especially like the large cloth to lay the record on to clean it.

  19. Rob Greenwood painting and decorating

    Arrived in perfect condition, really easy to use and looks and works great

  20. Bushey Book Club

    Good selection and quality of cloths etc good for the money

  21. ina murray

    Bought as a gift

  22. Julie Layzell

    Good value for money, excellent product.

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