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Velvet Vinyl Dust Brush


  • Anti-static deep pile velvet
  • Velvet cleaning pad will attract and gently remove dust & debris
  • Won’t scratch or damage the surface of your records
  • Easy grip wooden handle for precision cleaning

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Our Legend Vinyl dust brush is made from high-grade polyester velvet with longer fibres which go deeper into the grooves of your record. The velvet pad will attract any surface dust and debris and remove it effectively without scratching or damaging the surface of your LPs. The comfortable grip of the natural wooden handle makes it easy to use and is plastic-free so you are helping the planet. An essential part of any record cleaning kit.

Lightweight and portable 

This compact velvet vinyl brush is lightweight and portable, and will easily fit into most record-carrying cases and bags. If you’re looking for a stylish, and convenient vinyl dust brush to take with you wherever you go, this brush won’t let you down.

A record cleaning brush is a must-have accessory for all vinyl enthusiasts to maximise the sound quality of their records. This vinyl brush will sit neatly next to your record player and at just 10 x 5 x 3cm it’s the perfect size to clean records of all sizes from singles through to LPs. The easy-grip wood handle means it’s easy to pick up and comfortable to hold. The high-quality materials used will ensure that this brush will last you for years.

Easy to use

Due to the high-quality dust-attracting velvet pad, it is quick and easy to effectively remove any surface debris and dust. The simplest way of use is to remove the dirt with the brush while your LP is on the (rotating) platform of the record player, starting at the centre and gradually moving out to the edge. The brush should be used dry to take dust off your LP before playing. For a deeper clean, use in conjunction with our Legend vinyl advanced cleaning solution after removing any surface dust with the velvet brush.

Avoid hisses and crackles…

Velvet dust brushes are far more effective than standard bristle brushes when it comes to removing dust and dirt because velvet attracts dust! A bristle brush will simply push the dust around the record surface but not actually remove it. The Legend Vinyl dust brush is anti-static and anti-scratch, eliminating any risk of damaging your records during the cleaning process as well removing static patches on the record that cause snaps and pops during play.

Don’t forget to regularly clean the velvet pad of the brush: this is the place where the dust and dirt that comes off your records accumulates so it is important to keep it clean. Simply brush off the dust or rinse in lukewarm water for a deeper clean.

Your number one accessory

Suitable for light regular cleaning and deep track cleaning for improved audio quality, the velvet vinyl brush is your record collection’s best friend. Whether it sits next to your record player or travels with your records in a carry case, this brush should be your number one cleaning tool to help keep your records in good as new condition for decades.

This velvet Dust brush, just like all of the other products we stock at Legend Vinyl, is backed by our seal of approval.

6 reviews for Velvet Vinyl Dust Brush

  1. R Clark


  2. Gary

    Nice quality brush, I use this to both wet and dry clean my records. Good quality velvet brush on a smart looking wooden handle. Looks like it will last a long time, very happy.

  3. A.C. Temple

    Cleans off dust well without damaging the vinyl.

  4. Brittonie

    It’s about half the size I was expecting, I have another one of a different brand and assumed it would be the same size and curved.

    This one has a squared velvet pad and is about 2/3 the size.

    It doesn’t make a difference at all- still performs the function I need, is cute and takes up less space. Also I enjoy seeing “legend” on it.

    Good value

  5. mount v Moore

    I really started noticing a static issue with new vinyl. If you use this properly it will make a difference. Remember when cleaning your vinyl always start dry – never spray anything until you’re sure it’s dust free. This won’t deal with oily finger prints but a decent micro fibre cloth will.

    I use this on each side of the record before playing and also after each play.

    Currently listening to a 57 year old copy of the Beatles Revolver Album – used to suffer noticeable static issues when playing – a noticeable difference after using this. Sounds beautiful

    Other reviews complaining it’s light and small – that would make more sense than having something big and heavy. No issues with the size or weight of product.

    It’s not a solution for every step of vinyl care, but incorporating using this as part of your vinyl care routine you won’t be disappointed

  6. Mr G Jones

    Does the job, but very light particularly as it is made of wood.

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