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Professional Grade Vinyl Record Cleaning Solution


  • 200ml advanced vinyl record cleaning fluid 
  • Lint Free 38 x 38 cm Microfibre Cloth 
  • Essential cleaning for all Serious Vinyl Enthusiasts
  • Will clean up to 250 LPs

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Designed for all vinyl enthusiasts. Whether your vinyls are slightly dusty or in need of a deep clean, this solution, which comes complete in a set with a microfibre cloth, will leave them looking and sounding as good as new. Large 200ml bottle of advanced grade cleaning fluid with point and spray nozzle for accurate cleaning. Enough to clean up to 250 LPs – the solution has been carefully formulated to go a long way. To keep the underside of your LP protected use the 38 x 38 cm extra-large lint-free microfibre cloth to rest your LPs on while cleaning. The super soft microfibre is lint free so is also suitable to use to clean the surface of your LPs.

A stylish and reusable presentation box is perfect for keeping your cleaning items together and within easy reach. Part of a family of professional-grade products designed with vinyl enthusiasts and collectors in mind. Looks great displayed next to your turntable and favourite record cleaning solution vinyl.

Cleaning for optimum performance

Our Cleaning solution has been specially formulated to remove dust, oils and also static which can all impair the sound quality of your vinyl. Our carefully balanced formula is a blend of a quick dry ‘no residue’ degreaser combined with anti-static and anti-bacterial agents to ensure a thorough clean and degrease.

Our record cleaning solution features isopropyl alcohol, which is a common all-purpose industrial cleaner and degreaser that is known to remove grime quickly and dry without leaving any residue. It also contains tetrasodium EDTA, which acts as a buffer, chelating agent and antistatic agent, as well as quaternium-80, another antistatic agent. The final ingredient is citric acid, which helps to disinfect mould and bacteria.

Record cleaning solution for up to 250 records

Big record collection? No problem. We’ve got you covered with enough fluid provided to clean your whole collection. Our cleaning fluid has the seal of approval from industry professionals. Collectively, they champion it as the cleaning fluid of choice for the discerning vinyl enthusiast.

Immaculate condition of your records

Vinyl material and record players are highly susceptible to static which can make your beloved albums sound less than perfect. The static energy attracts dust and lint which can get trapped in the delicate grooves of the record. Our solution is designed with antistatic in mind to reduce this issue.

The microfibre cloth is also optimised to stop the build-up of static charge and prevent lint from sticking to the surface of the record. It also cleans any dirt, oil or bacteria that may be lingering, visible or not, to help give your vinyl its signature shine back. Unsightly dust, as well as potential mould, is cleared away.

With our cleaning solution, even vintage vinyl will shine with a quick clean that requires little effort on your part. The music will no longer sound crackly and dust will be prevented from building up on the needle. The record will be back to its authentic best.

10 reviews for Professional Grade Vinyl Record Cleaning Solution

  1. Paula

    Well packaged. Does a good job. Not sure if it’s good value for money, but I would recommend it if you love your record collection.

  2. David Billingsley

    Nothing to dislike have used this cleaner before very good

  3. Shannon S

    For the price this is good value. Lots of cleaning fluid in the bottle which will last a long time. The cloth is as big as a vinyl album.

  4. Ava B

    Easy to use, brilliant results

  5. stew

    My vynil has been stored in the loft for 30 years where it had collected staining and a sticky residue as a result of the climate changes, as I have over 50 lps and even more 45s I’ve had to remove and replace the paper sleeves, made a nice job of cleaning but you have to be gentle as its easy to get carried away.

  6. Iain T

    Its perfect

  7. Paul Evans

    Cleaned up some really manky records perfectly, great product

  8. David Hackett

    Perfect, just what I needed.

  9. Wolfy

    Cleans old vinyl really well. Good value.

  10. gary j.

    just what I needed.

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