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Legend Vinyl LP Display Stand “Now Playing”


  • Keep next to your turntable to display your album art or track list while listening to your favourite LP
  • Solid would base with non-slip rubber feet for maximum surface grip
  • Crystal clear shatterproof acrylic back panel will keep your LP or Album cover protected and supported
  • Vintage oak finish fits with any décor
  • Your display stand will look great on a shelf or next to your turntable
  • Will hold 7” & 12” single and double LP covers
  • Can be used as a book stand too!

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Every die-hard vinyl enthusiast needs a “Now Playing” Stand: Whether it’s to showcase a favourite record or just to organise what’s being played. With a solid wood base in vintage oak finish and 5mm thick acrylic supporting back panel you can be sure your album or album art is protected while on display.

While digital music can provide you with convenience, there’s nothing like putting a vinyl record on your turntable to really experience your music. Vinyl has a fantastic warmth and detail to the sound that gives you a perfect pocket of time to immerse yourself, relax and unwind. Enhance your enjoyment of this moment by displaying the LP artwork next to your turntable.

This stylish single LP display stand lets you make that connection. Or perhaps you want to display the track listing so often found on the rear of the album cover? Either way, as all vinyl collectors know, the analogue sound and the album artwork is the combination that brings vinyl music to life. Sturdy, practical and attractive, with a timeless design that sits well with both retro and contemporary interiors. Ideal for finding your moment of calm.

10 reviews for Legend Vinyl LP Display Stand “Now Playing”

  1. H Davies

    It holds records

  2. Mr J J Kyle/ Mrs Catherine Kyle

    Great product

  3. P. Smith

    Fabulous little product, been looking for a display holder for a while. I can at last put my album cover in a designated place, rather than put on the floor or sofa. It even looks good on it’s own!

  4. N Russell

    Good quality vinyl display. It has quite a natural look woth a wooden base and a transparent holder.
    I primarily use this to display the record cover as it plays. It is a nice way to view the art featured on the cover and it also makes it handy to put it away when you’re you’re listening.
    Good quality product, looks great and the price is fair.

  5. Kings&Queens1 👑

    A really good giftable quality presentation which is safely packaged above standard. Setup is a breeze and had this up and in position in no time.
    To be fair a lovely idea to display. Favourite or signed vinyl which stands perfectly and nicely balanced all from high quality craftsmanship.
    Serves its purpose well and im over the moon with it for quality and value.

  6. Oana

    This is a great vinyl stand for the turntable. I love the way it displays and the way it looks. The stand is very elegant and makes a beautiful display for my turntable. This stand is also very easy to assemble and is lightweight. The stand is also very affordable and comes in a wide range of colors.
    This is a must-have for vinyl lovers. It fits perfectly on a turntable and helps to make your album look beautiful. This is a great gift for a friend who is a vinyl lover.

  7. Duckegg

    Another quality item from Legend Vinyl like all their products
    This is a great little display stand to show of what you have on the decks it’s so easy to assemble and looks good and would make a great gift for anyone in to vinyl I am going to get one for my father in law
    I would like if there was a choice of colours for the base but otherwise it’s definitely a recommendation from me

  8. MB

    It’s not a particularly complicated product, consisting of a piece of a wood and a piece of acrylic. Easy to assemble (don’t forget to remove the film on the acrylic), and looks pretty good.

    The finish on the base is good, though to be honest it did not go great in a room full of oak. The colour is a little too “vintage”, like a drab sideboard from the 70’s that’s been in the sun for too long. If that’s where you want to put this thing though, it will go great!

    No stars lost for the colour, but the price is a bit much for what it is. It does what it’s made for very well though, so would recommend if the price is right for you.

  9. A. Bridget

    For me there’s nothing quite like playing vinyl records, they have their own unique and distinct sound which i personally love, i do love bopping around to a bit of vinyl💃🏻, i can do a mean can can me. I find some of the art work on vinyl sleeves to be amazing and it’s nice to display it and show it off, this is where this display stand comes into play (excuse the pun).

    The stand is made of oak and has non slip rubber feet to help hold it sturdy and in place. The back panel is made from clear acrylic and is shatterproof, it simply slots into the grooves on the stand and the record can be leaned against it. It will hold single and double LP covers.

    I am going to display mine on a shelf that sit’s above my record player, it looks the part, is well made and is a creative way to display your vinyl records.

  10. WillCW

    The stand is very nicely made in oak and perspex. I like it very much, and it complements my turntable setup. It is a bit of a luxury, but why not. It holds about six records, but it all depends on how thick your sleeves are. I wasn’t sure about getting one, but you only realise how cool it looks once you use it and show it on display. The finish of this product is first class. I recommend this product.

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