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Vinyl Record Storage Case Front Opening Holds Up To 40 LPs


  • Unique fold-down front flap for easy access to your LPs 
  • Comfortably fits 40 LPs and wide enough to store your LPs even when they are protected by plastic sleeves. 
  • Solid wood frame with protective PU covering and inner lining
  • Reinforced hinges and corners for strength and durability
  • Makes browsing your LP collection easy
  • Stylish and practical
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If you’re looking for a stylish and effective storage solution for your expanding record collection, look no further than the Legend Vinyl Storage case with fold-down front flap. Browsing a large number of albums has never been simpler with this easy-access storage solution. Our LP case has been engineered to balance perfectly so it won’t topple over when you browse through your collection and the vinyl inside leans forward!

Large capacity

We created the Flight Case Style Vinyl Storage Box with music obsessives in mind. This record case holds an impressive capacity of up to 40 records with ease, that’s including double and single albums. We made sure that our storage case is wide enough to fit all your hit albums, even when protected by a plastic sleeve. There’s no need to feel limited with your collection; the generous storage capacity means there’s room to expand your assortment of vinyl and LPs.

A stylish finish

The unique fold-down front flap gives quick and easy access to your LPs. Gone are the days of sifting through piles of LPs to find your favourite album. If you’re looking for a rock-solid LP case to store your vinyl and deliver essential protection on the go, this stylish ‘flight’ style record case is just what you need.
Who says record storage has to be boring? With a sophisticated and stylish finish, this storage case will fit in with a range of different decors. Why not store it next to your record player for easy access? The storage case fits neatly into small places. Crafted from PU-covered hardwood to make sure that your LPs are completely secure and protected from damage.

Record case built to last

The quality and sturdiness of the case make it a storage solution to see you through the ages. Investing in quality storage means investing in the longevity of your most treasured records. All cases take a knock from time to time, which is why the corners are protected with retro-style aluminium corner fittings. The ergonomic, reinforced handle is easy to grip and all hinges and closures are reinforced with rivets to give added strength and durability. No need to worry about transportation either!

Front Opening Panel to Let You View and Browse Your LPs with Ease

We are all too aware of how tricky it can be to browse large record collections. It can be hard to find storage options that offer protection but also enable you to flick through albums quickly & easily. The unique fold-down front flap is engineered to give you maximum visibility of your LPs when browsing without toppling over. Comfortably fits up to 40 LPs and can be used for at-home storage or as storage on the go.

Storage on-the-go

Protects your vinyl on the move. This solid and durable ‘flight style’ LP case is perfect to pick up and go. If you take your vinyl with you or even want to move them from room to room, this case gives ultimate protection and is built to last!

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24 reviews for Vinyl Record Storage Case Front Opening Holds Up To 40 LPs

  1. Darcy Rawlinson

    Fits plenty of vinyls. Only problem is the brand decal on the front. Would prefer a plain design.

  2. PunkinBoots

    Lovely to look at and very sturdy

  3. Rudi Gr.

    Bought as a gift. They loved it!

  4. Sheila

    Received promptly and well satisfied. Thank you!

  5. Christine Leake

    Sturdy metal case a gift

  6. Christina Berry

    My son was absolutely delighted with it

  7. Gaynor Sargent

    Present for granddaughter, she loved it.

  8. Woozelman

    Light weight, portable easy to open record storage case which is one of the few that takes full size recordings. Easy to open and close , no fumbling !

  9. Adam P

    When this one is full, I will definitely be buying this again. Looks great and is sturdy for safe storage of my valued vinyl collection.

  10. Glenn Wild

    All good

  11. Sean28UK

    Got one of these for Christmas to hold my records and needed another as the collection has grown. It’s a nice looking box and holds the records fine, and the handle is sturdy enough to hold a full box of records. Being picky it’s a plastic coating of some type of chipboard underneath and isn’t the greatest quality, so not sure how it will wear long term. That said looks good and pretty fairly priced

  12. Sholafin

    Wanting to store my sentimental collection of records this seemed like a good deal! It absolutely is. Love the fact that the front drops to give easy access for looking through the records. It is very well made – highly recommended

  13. John Bartlett

    Nothing to dislike, used it for storing albums

  14. maureen merry

    They was very good

  15. ANDREW

    This product was as described

  16. Richard Aird

    I was looking for a differently branded case has the same style front opening, as I have two of those already. The other brand wasn’t available so I bought this one and I’m very happy with it.

    The front opening is a great feature which gives you more space to flip through a full case of records than with a normal single lidded case.

    At time of purchase, it was only available in black. Some alternative colours would be nice; I really wanted red at the time.

  17. JuliusF

    Not half bad this one – I bought it as stop gap for an ever growing vinyl collection that expanded beyond existing capacity over Christmas- I usually go for more sturdy DJ type flight cases, but no stock anywhere it seems at the moment.

    On this one, interesting to note that between me buying it and arriving, the description was revised slightly from indicating it would hold 50 records (original description) to a more modest 40, I suspect on the back of other review comments. I think it will hold 40 albums and it does look good in etched black and seems reasonably well built, although the catch isn’t the most sturdy, so I might be inclined to question its longevity. The 2 way fold back and down lid is a nice feature as well and for the time being, makes flicking through record selection easier (although it will make no difference once the case is full).

    All in all good for the money, and if you’re buying for living room storage it looks pretty good and not quite as industrial as my usual purchases. Recommended.

  18. russell jones

    Wonderful LP case.
    Love it

  19. Chris Roche

    Excellent vinyl storage box. Would recommend.

  20. Jamie

    Got this to protect my expanding vinyl collection.

    It feels quite sturdy and fits all the vinyl very well. The opening folds down so you can easily see each vinyl (I.e. so you can flick through them).

    It only has one clasp and I’d prefer to have two (like my other box) but it seems strong enough.

    Would recommend and probably need to get another one soon!

  21. Kai and Katie

    Hello. You may be looking at this review and thinking “is this really worth it?” Well. I have some questions for you.
    1) do you want a vinyl box that lets you easily arrange and peruse your collection?
    2) do you want a vinyl box that locks, remains upright even at full capacity and keeps the contents safe?
    3) do you like knowing that your vinyls won’t be damaged by random collisions?

    If you answered yes to any of these questions then I can assure you this case is exactly what you need. I have no regrets. It hold about 20 2 disc albums (40 discs total) and keeps them
    upright and safe while providing an easy way to sort and due to its upright nature it’s very easy to store. Highly recommended to those who actually care about their collection.

  22. Julie Sheavyn-Bentley

    Great vinyl storage, flip down front means you can view and select your vinyls easier. Looks great, does the job

  23. Natannia

    The vinyl boxes did not disappoint. Very sturdy and classic look. My LPs now have a great new home

  24. PeteJR

    First impressions are very favourable. A very well constructed sturdy case. Strong handle, which it will need if it has the full capacity of albums in it.
    The lid lifts up and the top section of the front hinges down giving good access to your prized vinyl.
    LPs fit snuggly if, like me, you have them in a plastic outer sleeve.

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